For some 17 years I have been in practice as a Craniosacral Therapist, (having worked as a nurse for 35 years, I was ready for change). I had long been an advocate for Complimentary Therapies…a ‘nursing back’ started my journey, searching for a way to repair the damage.  I had tried many things before and quite by accident I found a Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner…with incredible success. Having a  very good knowledge of the body and its functions helped me to become a practitioner, though I must say, I have learnt more about the workings of the human body in these past 17 years than all of those years before.

It is a quiet and gentle therapy, benefiting many ailments and situations. Working with children is my joy…they respond so well to this work…in a large variety of situations, including the anxiety that affects many children these days.

One of the wonderful developments of my practice has been the ability to work with people ‘at a distance’. How you may well ask? We start with a telephone conversation, which enables me to ‘tune in’. The simplest way to explain, is to say, it is sometimes like a meditation, with the added bonus of an energy exchange.

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