Well I did it…the portrait is done, it hangs at the Bridgetown Pottery & Restaurant, along with 92 others.
There is a wide variety of styles and medium amongst those 93 portraits.
Maybe an unusual way of having the “Archie”, which has been happening every year in Bridgetown for many years. This year it was set up to celebrate 100 years of Bridgetown Primary School and 60 years of the High School. We were all given a photo of a child…randomly selected… a piece of foam core, therefore size is uniform…up to us.

My first ever portrait is now on display…it is pencil and watercolour wash. It was a little challenging (maybe that is an understatement!!), and towards the end I sought help from two friends. Great advice…just those little bits I had not seen. The best thing is that Pip and Lesa recognised him…bonus!!

Am I happy with it?…yes…will I do it again?…a strong maybe.