For a very long time I have longed to make a self portrait...Oh but "you cannot do that" said that little voice, very loudly, in my head!!

To the rescue came my cousin Gillian, who had devised this fabulous way of portrait playing, sort of...really like nothing I had ever seen before. I booked into her workshop. We started playing, looking at mediums and mark making, being present to the the marks and medium, chatting loosening-up. All three of us unsure as to where we could take this and how. Gil is such an enthusiastic person with no fear or expectations, just a plan to have fun, play and see my nose and the other eye?

It was quite a challenge. My first attempt did not please me at all, in horror at my efforts, and a little discouraged, Gil came to the rescue said "Turn it up the other way and do it again". Yes that was better, however my first try was still there staring at me...leave it, work with it, I thought. It became an odd reflection. We then played with ink and colour, slowly, slowly she emerged.

I love it!! Will I do it again? Yes please.